Root Explorer App v5.x.x Download | Install APK on Android, Windows, iOS

Download Root Explorer: The best way to install Root Explorer App is by downloading APK from below and installing it on your Android mobile. Also, please follow the installation instructions provided if you have any problem installing the app. Root Explorer is a secure app that works on Rooted android phones. Download Root Explorer APK for Android, Windows, iOS and learn how to install the app from below guides.

Root Explorer makes file managing very easy in rooted Android mobiles by giving access to root folders of apps/games. This allows us to control the device from within and enables us to delete bloatware, cache easily and speed up the device. Root Explorer App is also useful for editing/viewing XML Binary files of apps and change to custom values. Explore the features of both free version and premium version to know more about Root Explorer App. Also check the installation guides for each OS with download links below.

Root Explorer Download

Not only managing files, RE can be used for many complex functions that will give you full control of an Android device. However, you should be aware that any errors generated while using Root Explorer won’t be covered by Mobile manufacturers and the OS guarantee will be revoked as soon as you root the mobile. So, only use premium features of Root Explorer App if you know what you’re doing.

The best thing about the app is that you can edit XML binary files of games and edit custom values. This will give you unlimited life, coins, points and keep you going till the end in every game. You can also edit all your database to cloud backup like Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive. SQLite database viewer will give you access to view databases of each app and lets you uninstall bloatware that can’t be otherwise edited.

Download Root Explorer App APK for Android

Android is the main operating system for Root explorer App and is compatible with Android 2.3+. Rooting these old Android versions is also easy using One click root apps. Once you root the mobile, Root Explorer App will enable file management, editing scripts, XML viewer and other exciting features. You can use these features to make your Android device more efficient.

 Download APK v5.3.1 [Free]

 Download APK v5.0 [Paid]

Go to the download page by clicking above and follow the instructions provided to install Root Explorer App on your Android device safely. Also deny any updates from Google Play Store to keep the version intact without any patches.


  • Easy file management and access to root folders.
  • SQLite database viewer
  • Binary XML viewer for Applications and game files.
  • Multiple tabs for multiple functions.
  • Cloud support to backup data.

Download Root Explorer App for Windows

Using Android apps on Windows OS is not a new thing and has been a trend since the past few years. By using Emulators, we can install Android apps on our computers and use them for testing, playing and daily usage. The benefit of using Root Explorer App on Windows is that you get more RAM and a default Android KitKat version. So, if you screw up while playing with the app, you can always go back and install a fresh version of Android in a single click.

 Download for Windows

Follow the installation instructions provided and use Root Explorer on BlueStacks, YouWave or KOPlayer. As there would be more RAM in computers, you can always install 2 or more Android versions in the same computer and engage in complex tasks.


  • Access hidden content in both Android and Windows.
  • Hack game databases and finish all games easily
  • Multi Select files and execute tasks.
  • Bookmark file functions or pages and jump to the exact page even after closing and reopening the app.

Download Root Explorer App Pro APK [Cracked version]

In addition to the free version, there is also a premium version of Root Explorer APK where you get more features and benefits than the regular version. But you can download Root Explorer APK cracked version which has all the features of premium version for free. Download Root Explorer Pro APK and get access to loads of new features.

 Download Pro Version [Cracked]

Remember that this is a cracked version and can be revoked into normal version anytime when connected to Google Play Services, it is recommended to turn off automatic updates so the cracked file would be preserved without any updates. To download new versions of Pro APK, you can always visit our website.


  • Execute custom scripts and change apps/game functions.
  • Remount and View permissions of all apps and deny any permission that you don’t like.
  • Open MD5 hashes of all APK files for easy sorting.
  • Create shortcuts to device homepage and jump to folder directly.
  • Automatic preview of images/files via thumbnails.

Root Explorer App Info

Version: 5.0.0
Minimum requirement: Android 2.3+
Recommended: Android 4.0+
Publisher: Root Explorer
Operating system: Android
License: Free
File Size: 3.3 MB
File type: APK
Last Updated: 07-06-2018

What’s new in v5.0.0?

-Root Explorer App is now much faster than before.
-We reduced the size of tabs so that you can get max performance even by working on multiple tabs.
-Manually select the size of tabs.
-All problems fixed with Dropbox.
-Few bug fixes.

Installation blocked? Try this!

1) Download Root Explorer APK from above and go to your mobile settings.

2) Click on ‘Security’.

3) From the options available, go to ‘Allow installations from unknown sources’  and tick it.

4) Go to your downloads folder via your File Browser and click on Root Explorer App APK file to start installation.

Note: Root Explorer doesn’t work on Android mobiles that aren’t rooted. So, make sure your Android mobile is rooted with a good software like SuperSU.

Happy rooting and file managing.