As a file managing app, we need our users to accept a specific set of permissions in order to use the full features of the app. Please have a look at these permissions and accept them while installing the app.

If you are installing Root Explorer APK file, you may not need to accept permissions. If you are downloading Root Explorer through Google PlayStore or any other app store, please accept these permissions.

Root Explorer doesn’t misuse the credibility of it’s users by exploiting the permissions.

Root Explorer Permissions

  1. Add/Remove user accounts.
  2. View/Edit contacts on device.
  3. Read contents of storage systems.
  4. Modify/Edit/Delete files.
  5. Connect/Disconnect wifi connections.
  6. View cellular and wireless network connections.
  7. Monitor internet access.
  8. Prevent device from sleeping.
  9. Full network access.
  10. Install shortcuts.
  11. Allow screenshots.

All the above permissions are basic for any Android app, so if you are OK with the above permissions, download Root Explorer APK today and start making your Android device better.