What is the difference between a computer and a laptop

Both types of office equipment are based on similar technologies: basic architecture and work under the control of a particular version of the OS.

Fundamentally, a computer differs from a laptop in the following points:

  • size and mobility;
  • performance, power consumption and cooling system;
  • the presence / absence of the possibility of modernization of key elements of the
  • architecture;
  • reliability and uninterrupted operation;
  • the degree of complexity of the repair;
  • the ability to connect peripheral devices;
  • price range.

Advantages and disadvantages of a laptop:

Advantages and disadvantages of a laptop Let us first deal with a laptop. Of the undoubted, and probably decisive advantages of laptops – their compactness, low weight and size, as well as the availability of all necessary accessories. You just need to plug it into a power outlet, there is no need to separately connect the keyboard, monitor, Internet cable, webcam, speakers with wires. All this is already in the box.

All laptop computers have a built-in battery – that is, for a while, you don’t even need to plug into a power outlet – turn it on and use it. Notebooks also consume little electricity and work more silently (until the fan clogs with dust).

However, there are a lot of disadvantages in laptops – for example, they are almost impossible to upgrade. The maximum that can be added to the laptop (and then, not to any) is another bar of RAM. You can also replace the hard drive with a larger HDD. Now there are adapters on sale that allow you to put an additional SSD-drive instead of the rarely used DVD-rum (this will necessarily be an article on compblog.ru).

Very rarely, discrete graphics cards are installed in laptops, which can also be replaced, but their price and availability is such that the game, as a rule, is not worth the candle.

laptop accessoriesWhat else is worth adding to the column “flaws” – low maintainability. Laptops, like everything else in this life, break down, and the device of a laptop is much more complicated than that of a system driver.

Source: https://os-helper.ru/

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